Jackson's Foodie Care Box 50

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We're trying to 'SPREAD THE LOVE' by teaming up with our local suppliers during these trying times to offer care boxes delivered ONLY to local Vancouver residents. It is not cost effective to ship these packages by Canada Post or any other carrier (YET).

All of these brands are local, or Canadian, and you are supporting small business. While Mike is self-isolating, this also employs one staff who is working alone to fulfill your order. We'll cover the taxes and delivery and offer an $55.00 regular value.

USE Discount code '2FREESHIP' at check out for free shipping. 

This is how it works!  

Below is a list of goods with prices options for you to customize your order. We're a little limited on how to create this package with the template in Shopify but we cab try!   Attach a note with your order with your preferences and second choices. It will take us less than 24 hours to process and deliver your order.  Pick goods from below that add up to under $60.

  • One Salt Spring Jam ($12)  Pick a flavour, sweet or Savory?
  • Frost Bites Cordials ($15)
  • Peanut Butter  ($10-12) Pick from Mumgry or Fatso
  • One hot Sauce - ($8-9) Choice or Fable, Sriracha Revolver, Roasters, Salt Spring, Smoke Show.  (pick your spicy preference)
  • One East Van Bees Honey ($16)
  • Kaylin & Hobbs Pickles ($12.50) pick from kosher or Jalapeño
  • 2 chocolate bars ($12-13) Choice of Whistler, Melt or Christopher Norman (pick from Milk or Dark, all contain traces of nuts
  • Little Creek Salad dressing ($8)  Pick from Caesar or Regular.
  • Favuzzi Bean or Ground Coffee ($16)
  • Field Gold Mustard, horseradish or dips  ($6)
  • Little Creek Dressing (caesar or regular)….($9)


This is new to me, so thanks for your patience! Feel free to phone me (Mike) directly 778-834-5225  or Email me: jacksonology@gmail.com 

Thank you very much!  Shop our other packages. We have a 'COMFY' program being rolled out as well!