Dating back to 1996, Mike Jackson has a long retail history in the Vancouver scene starting with Thriller Snow/Skate Shop, then Studiotique in Mt. Pleasant from 2010-2019 and now he’s has settled into the old Y. FRANKS building on Kingsway!

What you might not know is that our building has a remarkable past! 
Zebulon Franks was a brilliant, well-educated Turkish immigrant, regarded as the first leader of the Jewish Orthodox community here in Vancouver. It was said that he held services in his home and general store, first called “Y Franks” and later Y Franks Appliances, located on Water Street as early as 1907.
Although the original house no longer stands, Zebulon and his family lived at 651 East Georgia Street (then called Harris Street) from 1903 – 1911.  He had 6 children with Esther Blonde and an additional 6 children with his second wife Yetta Halperin, making him a father of 12 children total.  He was a colorful character by all accounts.
It is believed that the Y of Y. FRANKS was named after Yetta.

We believe Don Lethbridge was the grandson of Zebulon & Yetta. Mr. Lethbridge ran the shop where we are currently located @ 1490 Kingsway but was also set up at 626 Seymour St. before this. Here's a pic of the early General store downtown Vancouver.  Zeb & the gang!

        Photo: Vancouver Archives