Jackson's Father's Day Package

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Where would you be without your Dad?  And those DAD JOKES!!!!

He's loved you from the moment he set eyes on you.  He's been there through thick and thin. Sure, you've had some rough times but hey, that's what good parents do...stick by you. Show Dad how much you love him.

IOK, we'll take it from here.

Pick from 3 different price points and we'll fill a gift bag for Dad that will make other Dad's cry!!!.  From beard oil to hot sauce,  BBQ rubs, to a cocktail spritzers...we've got you covered. 

The gory details:

  • Price includes a $5 charge for Delivery.  If you want to PICK UP (preferred) make a note at checkout and we'll add in $5 value of goodies  (soap or Journal!)
  • Local delivery only.  (See map below or close)
  • Price includes applicable taxes on goods.
  • We're OK to exchange an item or two within reason. In person only of course. 
  • Deadline to order is APRIL 26th.
  • Please provide PHONE #, UNIT #, BUZZ # etc @ CHECKOUT.
  • If you'd like to add in a nice generic card, from either Angel Kao designs or Porchlight press (Both Vancouver locals!)....you must add it in $5 per.

We'll do the rest and make you look good.  This is not a fancy bag with fluff and padding...well maybe some fluff. 

Email us with any questions.  JACKSONOLOGY@GMAIL.COM