Jackson's Comfy Care Box 50

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We're trying to 'SPREAD THE LOVE' by teaming up with our local suppliers during these trying times to offer care boxes delivered ONLY to local Vancouver residents. It is not cost effective to ship these packages by Canada Post or any other carrier (YET).

All of these brands are local, or Canadian, and you are supporting small business. While Mike is self-isolating, this also employs one staff who is working alone to fulfill your order. We'll deliver to your door. Goods value minimum $60.00!

USE Discount code '2FREESHIP' at check out for free shipping. 

This is how it works!  

Below is a list of goods in each box with options for you to customize (within reason). Attach a note with your order with your preferences and second choices. It will take us less than 24 hours to process and deliver your order.  

Pick items from the below list that add up to under $60

  • 2 colored handle bamboo toothbrushes ($8)
  • Choice of 2 soaps ($15) Pick from Nana+Livy, Gastown Soaps, Plenty + SPARE, Jackson's or Salt Spring.
  • One small Candle ($15) Salt Spring Candle Co. or Jackson's
  • One Bath bomb from Gastown Soapwork  ($6)
  • One custom printed writing journal  ($6) ….pick your color!
  • Two candies ($5)  skittles, Fun Dip, Nerds, Kinder egg, or similar
  • Taxes on top, FREE shipping.

This is new to me, so thanks for your patience! Feel free to phone me (Mike) directly 778-834-5225  or Email me: jacksonology@gmail.com 

Thank you very much!  Shop our other packages as well!  We have a 'GIFTY' program being rolled out as well!