Jackson's Mother's Day Package

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FACT!!! You'd be nothing without your Mom. 

She's invaluable, not to mention your wife/partner/parent, the go-to for everything, working professional, her vacations are composed of doing the same things she does anyway but in a warmer climate, she's a love interest, care-giver, the glue that holds it all together, BUT every year you leave it to the last minute!!! 

It's OK, we'll take it from here.

Pick from 3 different price points and we'll fill a gift bag for Mom that will warm her heart.  From bath bombs and honey to lip balms and jam, bring a smile to Mom's face on May 9th.

The gory details:

  • Price includes a $5 charge for Delivery.  If you want to PICK UP (preferred) make a note at checkout and we'll add in $5 value of goodies  (soap or Journal!)
  • Local delivery only.  (See map below or close)
  • Price includes applicable taxes on goods.
  • We're OK to exchange an item or two within reason. In person only of course. 
  • Deadline to order is APRIL 26th.
  • Please provide PHONE #, UNIT #, BUZZ # etc @ CHECKOUT.
  • If you'd like to add in a nice generic card, from either Angel Kao designs or Porchlight press (Both Vancouver locals!)....you must add it in $5 per.

We'll do the rest and make you look good.  This is not a fancy bag with fluff and padding...well maybe some fluff. 

Email us with any questions.  JACKSONOLOGY@GMAIL.COM