Next up...2021!

Is 2020 over yet?  What a ride it has been. We're grateful to have only closed for a month and pivoted into Gift boxes and deliveries!  We're fully open with social distancing in the shop (4 people or 2 families), hand sanitizer at the door for you, and we clean any touchable surfaces, many times daily. 

We're super stoked to offer a lot of new products from TRU-EARTH Laundry tabs to Fernwood Coffee, Sun Bum skin care and our up-coming hot sauce collaboration with the local FABLE DINER!   

Drop in and check out our new front windows done by the amazing Ingrid and take a boo at our new stuff.  Did someone say DONUT SHOP POP UP?? Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here's a medieval thumb/hand torture device to remind you that we've got it a lot better than they had it back in the 1400's.