Utilitario Mexicano Aluminum Vessels

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Utilitario Mexicano is a finely curated supplier of home/kitchen & decor, offering the coolest and most functional products.  We'll be building our inventory in the brand and look forward to offering you lots of goodies. 
Beautiful Handmade Spun Aluminum Water Jugs & Tumblers!  We're only offering them in our shop colors, Red and Teal. :)


Material: Anodized aluminum
Cap: 1.5 L. / 50.7 oz.
Size: 9.5 x 25 cm. / 250 g.


Material: Anodic Aluminum. 100% recyclable

Cap. Max: 425 ml. / 14.4 oz. Size: 9.7 x 9 cm. / 50 g.

Utilitario Mexicano exclusive.   Handmade in Mexico

Hand-wash only. Do not use alkaline detergents
Not suitable for microwave