Meat Chops Beef Jerky

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Meat Chops Leather Shop is a craft supplier of amazing JERKY from Saskatoon.

Pick from two styles!

JERKY CHUNKS  & Shredded Strips.  If you're a jerky fan, you'll blow your top.

"We ethically source grass-fed and grass-finished beef from the open pastures where the bovine are free to roam and graze on diverse native grasses for their entire life cycle. Our beef is free from added hormones, antibiotics and confined feedlots. Their lives are honoured and handled with care and the grass that they graze on is respected naturally. They are the grass harvesters and their keepers are the land stewards who protect and preserve our biodiverse environment, and in turn, the offering of their healthy meat is embraced wholeheartedly."

The craft harvesting facility where Meat Chops sources in Saskatchewan was designed by Temple Gradin and her team, a leading animal welfare scientist in the livestock industry.

"When we invest in grass-fed beef nourishment, we invest in our health, land, soil, water and regenerative agricultural practices and support the land-stewards/ranchers who care and tend to preserving the original unplowed native grasses."